Changes…..One simple little word that is given one BIG meaning to life.

Everyone and everything changes whether we like it or not, there’s no choice in some changes.

Like ourselves for example, we change as we grow and to the eye it can go unnoticed until someone points it out. That would be physical changes like our bodies and clothing, how we looking and voice become deeper or more less of a squeaky child. Then there’s personalities and how we think along with what we say and how it’s said. All these things are changes which someone else would notice about you.

Other changes, the invisible changes tend to be the dangerous bad changes yet they can be safe good changes depending on how it’s looked at. Mentality changes. Often changes like trauma is tagged into this category (the big one), events like break ups in relationships and friendships, even family breaks up can change you mentally, if they decide to not bother with you no more or they pass.

Not all changes has to do with yourself, it can also be the changes of the world itself such as climate changes, new terms and conditions and you know what, a heck bunch of stuff changes and changes happen pretty much every day, all the time. Whether we like it or not, you don’t have a choice.

It is only our own choice when it comes to ourselves and that will be the changes we make when we know it will improve our mental self or physical self. If you don’t like something to do with yourself or in a way you are to others, or even if you don’t like how quiet, busy, calm and all that falls into the category, only you can change it. Make it loud, make it busy or calm, make it your life.

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling as usual.

Signing off with love from my heart to yours. E<3

If feelings was a person……

If feelings was a person,

I wouldn’t be her friend,

She’s already given me a ticket for lovecon,

Of course I have no choice but to attend,

She started interfering when I seen this boy,

Match-making, being Cupid whatever you want to call it,

Please don’t play with my heart as it’s no toy,

Let me enjoy this moment for a little bit,

If feelings were to be my friend,

She’s be in a meeting with your heart and mind,

If it doesn’t work out still it’s not the end,

Jump in and go for it and who knows what you’ll find.

Be loved. Be true. Be kind.

Feelings are complicated

Love is complicated

Girl meets boy or boy meets girl

Love Will Find A Way!

Signing off with love from my heart to yours. E<3

Keep saying it until it’s true….

A saying I heard a few years back and since then it keep popping up from time to time. My question has always been ‘What does it mean?!’

Over time its made me think is it wishing the same thing over again till you get it, dreaming the same dream till it become apparent. Now I think I’ve found the answer.

If you say something about yourself that is something you don’t like, let’s say you don’t like your body image, your weigh, how you look. Instead of giving yourself hate and dislike, tell yourself you are okay with it, you are fine the way you are, I know it’s hard for me to admit too.

But the more you say it, you are re-wiring the way you think rewriting a positive over the negative so many times till it becomes clear to see.

I have to admit that I believe this saying and I don’t because i guess it depends how squished your brain is with all the thoughts of the negatives overruling the positives. At the moment, one day it’s good then it’s two bad days and one again. It’s a real knot in string but I know I have to undo that knot in motion for me to see clearly.

I am beautiful. I am pretty. I am who I am. I am me.

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself and always but true to yourself.

Signing off with love from my heart to yours. E<3

I wanna talk about feelings…

DISCLAIMER – a few words in sentence may be bad so I do apologise for my language but I got angry.

Feelings….the word sounds so simple to say yet when you think about it, feelings is pretty much another way to F**K your mind up, well in my opinion.

Feelings can be all sorts of description such as happy or excited, scared or lonely. For me it makes me feel a little anger yet if someone telling me about their feelings of interest to another, it makes me happy.

Most of the time everyone get feelings even when we don’t want to, we don’t really have a choice. I mean you could get feelings and choose not to act on it but then that just brings another F**K up into your life which is Regret.

I choose not to regret because someone once told me ‘Do not regret doing something because at the time you wanted it.’ So it is all the more reason to act on feeling but the saying also goes both ways if you do not act on feelings for another you will regret because you didn’t do what you would have liked to do.

Maybe it’s because you are scared, worried, your mind assuming and judging what’s best and it then a choice to go with your mind or with your guts as they say. How will you know what will happen if you don’t give it a try. Maybe that other you have feelings for will say yes and feel the same way with you, but if that other is already taken, doesn’t feel the same way or any other of the sort, it’s okay! Yes you will be sad about it but sometimes a friendship can blossom depending on the timeframe and closeness etc. And maybe that other says no because it will ruin the friendship you have or they say no because they see you more a friend than anything else. In my opinion, I will be sad but then I remember I’ve still got them as a friend which is better than nothing.


Due to all of the above that I’ve just said, I have ended up feeling angry and now I guess this post is a rant. I hate feelings but I can’t do nothing about it, which is annoying. Let’s tone it down a bit and say that feelings can actually make me feel lonely amongst other description.

I see on movies, tv programmes and even in books I read, feelings are everywhere and some make relationships blossom and others well to be honest, there’s never really any bad things that happen. Something everyone even myself need to remember LIFE ISNT LIKE THE MOVIES OR IN BOOKS! They make it look so easy and so not real, I know it can be relatable which is true. But it’s not like you walk into a (I don’t know) a bar and see someone who is a complete stranger, immediately have feelings for them and then BAM! A relationship is born. ITS SO UNREAL! (Elle you are ranting again.)

Okay I love seeing relationships blossom, I even catch myself smiling, thinking about what if I had that or why can’t feelings be easy like that or just…basically I forget myself into a world of imaginative and wishes that I feel won’t come true because it’s only ever true in what we watch or read.

No body is perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect because everybody has their flaws. What you watch in movies, tv programmes and books, majority of the character have no flaws and it’s blinded and overpowered by perfection.

Stop trying to be perfect for someone you get feelings for. Don’t try change yourself to be someone you aren’t (for them) and definitely DONT think that you are not worthy because you are not perfect. Everyone is someone’s perfect in their eyes if not your own. Be kind. Be beautiful. Be true.

Signing off with love from my heart to yours E<3


Happy New Year to all who hear, may your new year be filled with cheer, and let happiness fill you and wash away your tears.

I hope all to have a wonderful yet splendid new year filled with happiness, good times and many great memories. You could start a journal, a sketchbook, a book you’ve been wanting to read, take photographs and store them in an album, whatever it is you do this year make it extra special for the future to be able to look back on an incredible year you’ve had.

For me, I’m going to try to take my mind elsewhere into a land of my imagination. Create characters that I can put myself in their shoes, create stories that would be theirs. Escape to a mind that isn’t my own.

People think travelling to another country is an escape, it can be but only from where your roots are. To escape from the mind is more to home that is the answer.

Music, Reading, Writing, Crocheting, Drawing, Painting, Knitting and they’re only some of the hobbies that can keep our minds busy and away from insanity. Anyway I’m rambling as usual, moral is whatever goes on in your new year be sure it can bring happiness, positivity and even try something new. You never know unless you try.

Signing off with love from my heart to yours E<3

Curiosity killed the cat! Wisdom too I think.

Hello all! Elle here, did you all have a merry Christmas full of presents, love, laughter and joyful times. I did. Anyway onto today’s post.

So I have a question for you all – Why do we look for a someone or a something that isn’t there? Wasn’t there in the first place? We say we’ve seen it or them somewhere but can never find it. Some don’t tend to give up until they find it and others seem to forget about it.

Two answers have come to my mind –

1) We choose to look for something or someone because we can’t seem to accept that it/they are gone, we just get stuck in a timeframe of remembering the memories of time before. A really good pen that was used to write ran out of ink, the brand no longer sell. A best friend you’ve known all your life moves away and no longer talks to you but you can’t shake off that time you had an all nighter when you both were younger.

2) It’s all in your head. It’s all in your mind. The mind is tricking you to remember and to never forget. Because you yourself haven’t accepted what once was is now once gone. We always try to keep hold of hope, in hope of the same again to happen once more. But also the mind has a way to create an object and a person so then it tells you they are real that’s when it gets dangerous. (Okay Elle, keep it nice now.)

You need to accept that you will never find the same object or the same person again, you will remember them but many say I’ll never replace you, you have to if you want to move forward. You’ll find another object or person similar to the one before but never the same.

Moral of this story – accept the changes in life to help yourself move forward. Life is full of changes so we have to learn to live and go on with or without what was once there before but is no more.

Signing off with love from my heart to yours E<3